Natural Health Supplements Segment on 60 Minutes

Natural Health Supplements Segment on 60 Minutes

We’re aware that a segment on natural health supplements is scheduled to air on 60 minutes this Sunday 10th Feb. The segment is expected to focus on their adverse effects, and raise questions around their quality and efficacy.

To prepare you for any customer queries or feedback following the airing, our team has prepared the following points to assist you in conversations with customers:

* 41,000 adverse effects have been reported relating to natural medicines over a two year period, and only 1% of these were considered to be of a serious nature.

* This statistic can be compared to 650,000 hospital admissions per year in Australia related to adverse reactions to medications, all of which have been prescribed by a medical professional

* The adverse reports from taking natural supplements, do no differentiate between consumers who have self-prescribed via the internet, multi-level marketing or retail purchases, and those who have received professional advice.

* Regarding quality, our regulatory body for medicines, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), have stringent guidelines around labeling and content of ingredients for all products sold commercially in Australia ie. what is on the label is in the product, and vice versa.

* The potential for adverse reactions is why the Green Dispensary specialises in providing advice and consultation with natural health supplements, whilst realizing their benefits within a preventative health and wellness strategy

If you require any further support, Tracey, Simon D or myself are happy to help.

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